Photography workshops

My photography workshops offer a range of photography courses around North and Central Victoria, photography workshops and image-editing Adobe Lightroom workshops and training that suit various skill levels: beginners and those photographers who have some previous knowledge. Regular workshops are run in Cohuna on a fortnightly basis, all other workshops are run as required.


Upcoming workshops


Beginners workshop

This workshop will teach you the necessary skills to capture better, more awe inspiring photographs and are ideal for anyone who has recently bought a new camera or someone who's owned one for a while but is still using the Auto Mode. You will learn the relationship between ISO, Aperture and Exposure when capturing images as well as composition and some cool photography tricks to practice.

All of my photography workshops are taught in a relaxed, easy format where simplicity is the key. There is plenty of time for questions, practicing what you're learning, reviewing images taken and discussing techniques taught during the workshop.

Groups on the beginners workshops are limited to 3 people, which allows everyone plenty of time to learn all about the various methods taught during the workshop, as well as asking questions and discussing the various techniques taught during the workshop.

These workshops are run as required.

Equipment:  You, your camera and lenses.

Optional Equipment: Tripod

Previous Experience:  Absolutely zero.


iPhone Photography

The best camera is the one you have with you. What do you have with you? Your smart phone of course! I start with the basics and teach you how to use your iphone camera to take photographs. You will not only gain competence and confidence with your camera phone, but you will also learn the basics of good composition. Once you have mastered the art of using your iphone camera, we will create some really fun images with the camera tricks I show you. Finally, you will be introduced to some fantastic camera apps to get the most of your camera. You learn the lot, there are no secrets here.

Equipment:  You and your phone!

Optional Equipment: A few apps to download prior. Details are sent to you when you book.  

Previous Experience:  Absolutely zero.



Astrophotography is where this exciting journey started for me. I offer two astrophotography workshops; a regular workshop and a premium workshop, which I co-host with Matt Krumins. My star photography workshops focus on landscape astrophotography (photography combining the landscape and the night sky), with an emphasis on successfully capturing the core of the Milky Way. My goal is to arm you with all of the knowledge and understanding you’ll need to be able to move forward on your own to shoot the night sky. The premium workshop goes further with all aspects of planning a shoot and a editing session with Adobe Lightroom.

For more details on the basic Astro photograpahy workshops, contact me.

Equipment:  To get the most from this workshop you will require a tripod (full height).  Loan tripods are often available, please contact me prior.  A DSLR or mirrorless equivalent, warm clothes and good footwear.

Optional Equipment: A head torch is a great addition to bring along. A remote shutter release is also a good idea, but not essential.

Previous Experience:  To get the most from this workshop, you should be comfortable with manual mode on your camera. If in doubt, give me a shout.


It doesn't end at the conclusion of the workshop. All participants are invited to join a private Facebook group to share photos, ideas and seek help on anything related to photography.